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Urban Chaos are one of the UK's Top Scooter Specialist! We haveone of  the biggest selection of Stunt Scooters and Scooter Accessories in the UK. When it comes to Scooter Spares Scooter Accessories and Scooter Upgrades we are the number one Scoot Store, no one else comes close! Most major brands are stocked including: Zinc Scooters, Osprey Scooters, JD Bug Scooters,Micro Scooters, Razor ScootersGrit Scooters, Blazer Pro Scooters, Slamm Scooters, Rat Scooter Accessories, the list really does go on and on. Come to our Store, SSC 23 Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent, or buy online and take advantage of our next day Free delivery on order over 50! Call us on 020 8460 4456 to check whats in stock.

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Grit scooters has its roots in the extreme scooter riding culture of Australia, and is emerging as one of the most popular and quickly growing brands in the world.
Whether you are looking for a brand new ride, or want to customize your current scooter, Urban Chaos has a solid range of Grit scooters and accessories to choose from. Using high tech computer aided design technology, Grit has created a line of scooters and parts that are revolutionary and cutting edge.
Rigorously tested, and made from aircraft grade aluminium, these top notch, super tough scooters will take a beating from even the most hard core user.
No matter what your skill level, Grit's freestyle scooters will enable you to push your tricks to the extreme. For the novice, a Grit scooter is ideal for perfecting your bunny hop or fakie, whereas the expert will enjoy the ease of manoeuvre when landing a flat tail whip.
Pull off the perfect back flip or buttercup air like a pro, and be the envy of the skate park - you have mastered the holy grail of tricks! Leave the competition in your dust and watch jaws drop with your blinding speed and awesome technique.
Don't delay - check out Grit Scooters at Urban Chaos, and buy one today!

Slamm Scooters are a London company, known for their light weight but tough, funkyfreestyle scooters.
Whether you're a freestyle pro, or new to the sport, a Slamm scooter will ensure that you stand out from the regular crew. Pull off a forward flip or an Indy grab with ease, and don't worry about a hard landing or grinding - these scooters are built to withstand any abuse that you dish out.
Each scooter is designed with durability in mind, featuring a reinforced one-piece frame, and wheels that can stand up to any surface. There's nothing like the adrenalin rush of breakneck speed and tight turns, and a Slamm scooter will improve the skills of even the most daring riders.
Street surf in style, or perfect your stunts on a Rage II stunt scooter. These scooters aren't for the faint hearted; extreme Riders can handle even the toughest tricks with ease on the Outbreak Pro - a one footer or tail whip will seem like child's play!
With a Slamm scooter you can go full tilt and withstand the pace of the competition. Customize your ride with an assortment of Slamm accessories such as clamps, bars and grips.
Slamm scooters are the hottest on the market; they fly off the shelves, so don't get caught out. Purchase yours today from Urban Chaos and become part of the scooter elite!

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