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Lecdec Electric Skateboard

Lecdec Review

LecDec Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboards are quickly becoming a popular mode of transport in America right now! And why shouldn’t it! With, on average, a 15km range per charge and speeds up to 20km per hour it truly is a break through in transportation.

Until now electric skateboards would set you back in the region of £1000 maybe more depending on the brand. And lets face it, it should be half that! Any more is our of reach of the every day person.

Well Lecdec have you guys in mind! Their Electric Skateboard is not only priced right where it should be, Just £449, they have also upped the game and give all other Electric Skateboards a run for their money! With a Lecdec Electric Skateboard you’ll get an improved 18 mile range and a massive 18mph top speed!

  • The LecDec will hit speeds of up to 18 mph and also has adjustable cruise control! It will also take you up inclines of up to 20% so be prepared from some strange looks from passers by.
  • Lecdec has brakes, better still, they are regenerative like a racing car so they help recharge the battery.
  • Charging takes just 2 – 3 hours and you can travel up to 18 miles on a full charge depending on rider weight, surface and inclines.
  • The board weighs and impressive 13.2 lbs and is easy to pick up and carry when needed to go on public transport or put in the car.
  • The board is 36 inches long and is made of high quality Canadian 9 ply Maple with Aluminium Oxide griptape, alloy trucks and smooth 78a, 80 wheels for a comfortable ride.
  • The controller charges in just 60 minutes via a USB and fits comfortably in the hand. To go faster simply push forward on the thumb stick and pull back to brake. There’s no wires and its linked to your board by radio.

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Like what you see?! Why not treat yourself? At just £449 its a great way to get out and about! The Lecdec will make a great Christmas present too. Click here to order yours today

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